Telling Stories

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Hello, I'm Kevin Pilz and I live in Ulm, Germany. 

I was first exposed to photography as a child when my father showed me his analog Canon camera. 
The birth of my daughter in 2013 was the impetus to intensify my involvement with photography.
It became more and more important for me to tell a story with my photographs. Up to this point I exclusively took close-up portrait photographs of family members and friends. Most of the time, it is challenging to tell a story with those types of photographs since it is difficult to interpreted the situation and under which circumstances the photographs were taken. I want my daughter to pick up a photo in 20 years and recall the whole story behind it, just by looking at it.

Over time, I developed my own documentation style which besides portrait photography I use in street photography.

I draw my inspiration from the observation of the interaction between human and environment. Through my photographs, I try to put people at the center, and at the same time, in contrast to the urban environment.

You can also follow my photographic journey on instagram.




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