Me, Myself and I

Have you ever taken a self-portrait?

I am not talking about these typical smartphone selfies everyone seems to be taking these days. 

I am talking about a real self-portrait, where you take your time and take care of the scene and light. A cool thing is, that you can shoot self-portraits pretty much everywhere and you don't have to look for models as you're photographing yourself.

I don't know about you, but I never really felt comfortable in front of a camera (I know, this sounds hilarious from the mouth of a photographer). Also, there are only very few photos of myself as I am usually the one behind the camera. Yesterday, I thought it's time to shoot some self-portraits. 

I grabbed my X100F and attached my teleconverter lens (TCL X100) onto it in order to shoot with a portrait focal length of 50 mm. Furthermore, I mounted my camera onto a very bad mini tripod and used my smartphone as remote control. Not the best setup in the world, but for me, it worked quite well.

As a conclusion, I have to admit, that in the beginning it felt quite awkward to shoot myself. I mean, I didn't know at all how to look into the camera and what gesture to make. Also, focussing with the Fuji smartphone app was very difficult. But after a while, I had some fun and the uncomfortable feeling in front if the camera somehow vanished.


This is Vanessa, a close friend of Paolina

For this shooting, Vanessa, Paolina and me met up, chatted, drank some beer and listened to music. Incidentally I took my shots of Vanessa.

Thank you Vanessa and Paolina for this great experience!


Josina is a very good friend of us and invited my wife and me for hanging out, drinking wine and dinner. I also brought my camera with me. I have to admit, I love guitars and Josina is very good singer and guitarist.

This is what I saw through my lens.


There are some who are in darkness

And others are in light

And you see the ones in brightness

Those in darkness drop from sight

(Berthold Brecht)

An Afternoon With Paolina

I met Paolina in the crèche my daughter Madita visited. She got along perfectly with Madita and eventually became a friend of our family.

Some day, I asked her for a portrait shooting and she said yes. These are some pictures I made with her in her apartment.

Thank you Paolina!