Me, Myself and I

Have you ever taken a self-portrait?

I am not talking about these typical smartphone selfies everyone seems to be taking these days. 

I am talking about a real self-portrait, where you take your time and take care of the scene and light. A cool thing is, that you can shoot self-portraits pretty much everywhere and you don't have to look for models as you're photographing yourself.

I don't know about you, but I never really felt comfortable in front of a camera (I know, this sounds hilarious from the mouth of a photographer). Also, there are only very few photos of myself as I am usually the one behind the camera. Yesterday, I thought it's time to shoot some self-portraits. 

I grabbed my X100F and attached my teleconverter lens (TCL X100) onto it in order to shoot with a portrait focal length of 50 mm. Furthermore, I mounted my camera onto a very bad mini tripod and used my smartphone as remote control. Not the best setup in the world, but for me, it worked quite well.

As a conclusion, I have to admit, that in the beginning it felt quite awkward to shoot myself. I mean, I didn't know at all how to look into the camera and what gesture to make. Also, focussing with the Fuji smartphone app was very difficult. But after a while, I had some fun and the uncomfortable feeling in front if the camera somehow vanished.