What Is Art?

The other day, a colleague of mine asked me what I think is art.

I told him, that for me, art is my way to expresss my vision (in photography) and my inner soul. Then I started thinking and these are some of my thoughts about art.

Art (photography, painting, writing, theater etc.) can trigger emotions in the viewers mind.


For example, a couple of weeks ago I met another photographer and we talked about photography in general. He told me, that he also wants to start with street photography. I eventually showed him a picture I had taken in Berlin and he was impressed. Sometime later, he posted a pretty similar shot on Instagram. Therefore, I think, that my picture inspired him in some way.

Another thing to consider is how your own art (e.g. photographs) makes you feel. Do you feel joy looking at them, anger or nostalgia?

I started in photography after my daughter was born in 2013. Like every new father, I wanted to have good photos of her. So I started taking mostly close-up portraits of her and my family and friends. More and more, I wanted to tell stories with my pictures, so that it would be easier to see when and under which circumstances the picture was taken. As a conclusion, I feel joy and sometimes nostalgia looking at my pictures.


What art do you make? Why do you make art?

In an earlier post in this blog ("What Is Good Street Photography"), I stated, that anyone should just go out and shoot what makes one happy. It doesn't matter what others think about your pictures. Most importantly, YOU have to be happy with your art! Be authentic and don't giva a shit about others.