Project: My Hometown

When I saw the pictures of other street photographers from cities such as Berlin, Munich or Paris, I always thought, Do I have to travel to be inspired and take goot street shots? Do you know that Kind of feeling feeling??


Then I was thinking, if I'm not able to get good street photos of my hometown, how on earth should I be able to get pictures from a different city? The inspiration form this thought came from my fellow photographer Marcin Baran from Poland.


To prove to myself that I am able to get good street shots without travelling, I started a project called "my hometown".

In this project I force myself to take on what I call "tourist-glasses". I pretend to myself that I'm new to my city and try to see it like a tourist would eventually.


Before starting this "my hometown" street photography project, I restricted myself to only use the following gear:


One focal length (35mm), black and white (colour only if the shot absolutely requires it) and no cropping.


This is an ongoing, long-term project, so I'll upload pictures from this project from time to time here.


Of course, shooting the same city every day could become boring, therefore it'll be great to see another city from time to time. There will be more pictures coming up. So stay tuned...


What about you? Do you like street photography? In which city do you live?

Update: meanwhile, this picture out of my project was selected by Flickr

to be part of their "Best Shot 2016 Gallery: Street View".

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    Danko Rumi (Montag, 16 Januar 2017 02:00)

    Great idea. Your first shots look great. I hope more people catch on to this. I can gladly offer you my pictures that I've made.
    Keep this up! Publicate this everywhere - let's get people to catch on and make this big.


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    Francoise Lerusse (Samstag, 19 November 2016 02:49)

    This is quite an interesting project Kevin. You will need persistence and creativity, I know that you have both. The "tourist lenses" are a good way to my opinion. Allthough I do not consider myself as a "pure" street photographer I shoot merely in cities and when it comed to my hometown I adopt that attitude too . But it is easier for me as I travel a lot and I have more distance to my Hometown ( Brussels). Good luck with your project!